The Betweenship Youth Exchange 2009” was an inter-cultural project week for fourteen Swedish and French participants (ages 18-26) with foreign backgrounds that took place in the municipality of Alby, Botkyrka in Stockholm, Sweden in July-August. It was initiated in collaboration with our partner organisation in Bagnolet, Paris, in order to draw attention to issues related to transnational identity, affiliation and participation of young people with foreign descent in Europe.

Activities were established for the purpose of highlighting diversified perspectives of Betweenship and included attendances to lectures, seminars, exhibitions, walking tours and art workshops; all held by distinguished researchers, journalists, activists and artists with extensive professional and personal expertise in the field of multiculturalism. The participants were expected to conduct independent reflections throughout the week, by writing diaries and short stories as well as conveying their experiences to a documentary film team.

During the course of the week, the group dismantled some of the most limiting stereotypes inflicted on us and gave birth to new models of identification that neither reinforce stereotypical images nor neglect our dual identities. In supporting individual thoughts on European identity, The Betweenship is proud to have helped build self-confidence and raise awareness of the strengths that come with a more “flexible citizenship”. Below is a short videoclip from a documentary filmed during the week.